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Classic Jaguar Engine Rebuilds and Restoration
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Classic Jaguar Engine Rebuild and Restoration Service

Classic Jaguar Engine Rebuild and Restoration Service

At Classic Car Engines we like to give a personal service and involve our customers in the process if they so wish.

Our usual procedure is to strip down an engine, then invite the customer to see the condition, and decide together what should be done. We will not compromise on quality, but neither will we insist on unnecesary proceedures. If it is not convenient for a customer to visit at this stage we can send photographs to illustrate any areas of choice.

Our standard rebuild usually includes the following:
  • Pressure testing of both head and block.
  • New valves and copper valve guide liners
  • Boring and honing
  • New Mahle pistons.
  • Crank grind 
  • Upgrade of the old rear crank rope seal to a new double lip seal
  • New oil pump
  • New bearings
  • Composite head gasket
  • New timing chain and tensioners
  • Professional polishing of cam covers etc.
  • New spark plugs
  • Powder coating of pulleys etc.
  • New head studs, chrome nuts and copper washers 

A deposit of £1,000  payable on commencement for strip down, once we know what we have we  then ask for a stage payment, with the remainder due on completion. 

We can offer a collection and delivery service at 60p per mile. The restored engine will be on a stand to prevent damage to the sump. 

We can also restore carburettors at additional cost, and arrange for gearboxes and differentials to be restored by associated specialists. 

We can only handle a limited number of engines each year as Graham assembles each engine personally. It is therefore advisable to book your slot.

Please call Graham to discuss further details or other engines.       (+44)  01684 311737
Ready for the head.

Ready for the head.

New studs and race quality head gasket
Testimonials - Martin Harris, Hong Kong

Testimonials - Martin Harris, Hong Kong

'I'm impressed: that was very promt work on my engine. Thank you very much for the photos, they really do credit to your work and guarantee that the engine will more than look the part when it is reinstalled.'

Roger McEwen, Racer, UK, with a broad grin!

Roger McEwen, Racer, UK, with a broad grin!

'Wonderful, I didn't know it could run so well'

A bit more detail on the Jaguar strainght six!

A bit more detail on the Jaguar strainght six!

After pressure testing and skimmimg as necessary, the following are fitted as standard:
  • Standard pistons 
  • Rear oil seal conversion
  • Race quality head gasket
  • All new core plugs
  • Bronze valve guide liners, desigined to improve lubrication
  • New valves, and stem seals
  • New oil pump
  • All new crank bearings and thrustwashers
We also arrange for all the smooth aluminium surfaces such as cam covers to be professionally polished.

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