How to build engines DVDs
Our DVDs

Our DVDs

These are not entertainment DVDs, but designed to teach you 'HOW TO' build engines. Some TV programs skip the parts you really want to see, but we have included these, but skipped the repetition of every nut and bolt!

Free Data Sheet!

We also supply a data sheet showing all the technical information needed in the workshop to build your engine.

3 Full Engine Rebuilds

BMC-A Series

This shows how to rebuild a BMC-A Series Engine, and the principles of pushrod engines.

Price £15.95

P&P £5.00


Lotus Twin Cam

This is a step by step guide to rebuilding the Lotus Twin Cam engine, the principles apply to other overhead cam engines.

Price £19.95

P&P £5.00



Jaguar 6 Cylinder

This shows a full rebuild of a Jaguar Straight 6 Engine, again as a step by step tutorial, showing the principles of a double overhead cam engine.

Price £29.95

P&P £5.00

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