A unique opportunity

A chance to learn engine building in a one to one scenario. 

You can bring your engine to us and rebuild it in our workshops using our equipment under our guidance. We offer one to one engine building tuition.

We have found through experience that an engine restoration masterclass works best in several visits. The first is to strip the engine down and inspect everything. Then we take care of machining, parts supply and preparation. You then return to assemble the engine and service the ancillaries.

We have had participants with differing abilities, these include a lady, and a disabled man. Completed Masterclass engines include Jaguar, Austin Healey, Lotus twin cam, MG, and although we usually work with British engines we have also restored a Volvo and a Maserati engine that arrived as a damaged pile of parts.

Call or email to discuss a timescale for your particular engine. We do ask for a non returnable deposit of £500 on booking as we have a limited resource, and need to organise other work around our commitment to a masterclass.

Mike Rigby was happy to say this:

‘I would be delighted to put a few lines together for your web site.... It will be all good - I had such a great time and have such a great engine to show for it.’

Philippe Matter was happy to say this:

'Last Saturday I started my revised engine after almost four years and it started very quickly and purred like a kitten!

The joy was immense.

Thank you again for your support.'

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Read about Mike's experience

a hands on experience in our unique engine building masterclass
Angus from Australia, is learning more than he ever expected in this engine building masterclass with Graham
A hands on experience in our masterclass
Masterclass in progress